E3 2012 Review: EA Electronic Arts

Nothing that interesting though the biggest shock of E3 thus far is perhaps the UFC deal.

That is pretty interesting –  rumour has it years ago UFC boss Dana White wanted EA to do a game with them, EA said no way and that the sport was way too violent and lowbrow. Dana White then vows to never work with EA and bans his fighters from working with them.  UFC then explodes  in popularity. THQ get the licence and the first few games sell huge! Meanwhile EA’s unlicensed MMA game flops hard! So funny how things change!

Though the real story here is that THQ must be in dire straits to give up one of their best license so readily for cash. THQ will probably not exist in 3 years. 

The other stuff: NFS Most Wanted – very cool that Criterion are making it again and NFS Hot Pursuit was great. I played the NFS Run demo and thought it was pretty good – don’t know why people hated it so much and I’d much rather see Criterion work on a new Burnout title.

Dead Space 3 doesn’t look that exciting alas – more of the same. Has this once-promising series peaked already?

Star Wars The Old Republic is going free-to-play – who would have thought that an MMO based on the most famous scifi / fantasy IP made by Bioware, one of the most popular RPG makers, would have floundered so badly!

My Verdict 3/5

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