The Future of Marketing: John Hayes, American Express

McKinsey & Company

In this video from McKinsey & Company, Inc., John Hayes, CMO of American Express, discusses how to best meet the organisational changes as marketing becomes more integrated in all departments and why marketers are not given enough input or control in their campaigns yet are still held responsible for failures.

If you’re not experimenting, you’re not learning.

He also touches on social and the importance of engaging customers

“We also benefit from seeing what people are writing about us in blogs, what’s being said in the social space, and understanding the buzz out there. We’re at the point where we can actually monitor this pretty carefully by just reading what people are saying on the Web, understanding whether there’s a positive or negative sentiment, and how it compares with the buzz around our competitors. It’s become very useful because we learn, for example, not to overreact to something that is likely to dissipate very quickly. It has really helped to calibrate how we respond in different circumstances.”

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