Has YouTube Killed The Television? [Infographic]

There’s no doubt we are in a golden age of TV. I can’t recall  any other time in history when the quality of TV was as good as it is now. But that doesn’t mean television itself is winning.

We are on the cusp on a new revolution in online video. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and LoveFilm in the UK are gaining massive traction and changing audiences’ perception of how TV should work. And the titan YouTube is living proof that big media can’t afford to be complacent – ever. At this rate surely it’s only a matter of time before online streaming takes over?

YouTube is taking on the old giants head on. Can they win?

This infographic from Freemake highlights not just the history of YouTube but also its amazing growth – both in views, traffic, revenue and market share.

Freemake declare TV is dead. TV is not dead but the way we watch it is just might be.

Do you think YouTube is over rated or not praised enough? Do you think the traditional TV model can compete with online streaming? Let me know below.

YouTube Killed TV
By Freemake, proud developer of YouTube Converter

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