Lexi Alexander: How The Hell Did Punisher Warzone Get Made?!

As all of my friends know I am a big Marvel fan so I tend to get excited for practically every Marvel movie – even if they don’t always turn out well.

Lexi Alexander & Ray Stevenson

Although I enjoyed the Tom Jane movie from 2004, as a straight forward revenge thriller it didn’t have the larger than life quality that some of the best Punisher comics have and was defined by a drab visual style. It was also pretty tame as far as violence goes. This is the Punisher after all! A one man killing machine!

So when I first saw the red-band trailer and poster for Punisher War Zone I was both impressed and curious. It had the lurid, neon drenched visuals of the comics, a hulking Punisher in Ray Stevenson who looked like he stepped right out of the comics and was full of shockingly OTT violence that separates Punisher from most other comic heroes.

Ultimately I thought the film was a let down but I still enjoyed aspects of it. I think a film that blends the characterisation and more humane approach of the 2004 film with the visuals and crazy style of Warzone would be pretty cool. Now that the Punisher rights are back with Marvel Studios who knows maybe they’ll get it right the fourth time.

Punisher Warzone

But before that I wanted to share this podcast about Punisher Warzone.

In this episode of How Did This get Made, hosts Paul Scheer (who I’ve only seen on 30 Rock and Parks & Rec and was hilarious on both) and June Diane Raphael interview Lexi Alexander the director of Punisher Warzone along with fanboy fave Patton Oswalt (no he wasn’t involved in the movie – he just loves it!)

Whether you like the film or not this is well worth listening to. It’s really interesting to hear how the movie making and release process happens from the initial pitches, the production, to the marketing and release. Lexi speaks with total candour and doesn’t shy away from the studio politics and disagreements.

It’s very refreshing to hear a director tell it straight without any PR spin and it’s also a very funny chat!

Listen to the interview here:

Here’s that infamous Red-Brand trailer:

Did you like Punisher Warzone? Let me know below!

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