What You Didn’t Know About Nintendo [Infographic]

Behind The World’s Favourite Gaming Company

Nintendo deserves respect. Even if you are a PlayStation, PC or Xbox gamer, the Big N has a heritage that is undeniable and has kick-started so innovations we now take for granted that I can’t even list all of them (here’s a few for free: d-pad, rumble, motion control, touch, analogue control, shoulder buttons, 4 port multi player).

The Wii and DS have just become the biggest selling Nintendo systems of all time which is down to the canny way they managed to break into untapped demographics and create the “causal” audience.

They’ve also had huge success with their first party titles to primarily thanks to the epic series created by Shigeru Miyamato – surely video game’s Stan Lee. Did you know his Zelda and Mario series plus the Pokémon franchise have sold combined 534 million titles worldwide? Wow. Mario’s historic rival Sonic has only managed to shift 36m games (which is itself still a huge number) but this is dwarfed by the 240m that the Mario titles have sold.

This means that Nintendo has made a LOT of money. They famously make a profit on every console sold while their competitors sell them at a loss in the hope of recouping revenue by selling games.

This means Nintendo is larger company than Sony, Panasonic, Yahoo and Nike and sits on a “war chest” of billions.

Check out more things you didn’t know about Nintendo below:

Nintendo What You Didn’t Know

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